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ReDU File Selector

How to find files with ReDU for Co- or Re-analysis of ReDU Data


  1. Select the files you wish to include in the re-analysis by clicking the desired group button (i.e. G1-G6).
    • The orange buttons in the center of the screen correspond to Sample Information categories.
    • If filter/s are used, they will appear as red box/boxes in the Attribute Filters Panel (upper-right corner) of the page. To remove already selected filters click on the red boxed filter you wish to remove and the item should disappear from Attribute Filters Panel.
    • When files are selected into a group the corresponding button becomes red and the number of files is updated in the Selection Summary Panel (upper-left corner). file_selector


You must have an account at GNPS and be signed in prior to launching a molecular networking or library search job.


The recommended file limits are 3000 for molecular networking in GNPS and 5000 for library search in GNPS. Exceeding these recommendation will likely cause the job to fail. Please contact admins for solutions.

Last update: May 20, 2020 07:12:50