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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Topic

General Questions

Can I use data in other public data repositories?

At present, ReDU only interacts with MassIVE; however, there are plans to incorporate data and metadata from other resources.

Can any data be contributed?

Yes! We accept any data acquired using any extraction method, ionization source (e.g. ESI, MALDI, CI, EI, and ambient ionization), pre-MS separation (e.g. liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, or capillary electrophoresis) or no separation, mass spectrometer (e.g. Orbtrap, QToF, QqQ, LTQ), etc. However, the data must contain MS/MS data, be converted to an open format, and made public on MassIVE. Detailed instructions are can be found in the "How to Contribute" section of the documentation - link here

ReDU Sample Information Validation

What are common reasons why validation of my sample information fails?

  • Values are treated as numbers when the fill down function is used causing +1 to be added to each row. Commonly encountered in the MassiveID column and other columns that the spreadsheet program interprets as numeric.
    • Solution: update the sample information and revalidate.
  • Values are not accepted terms. Accepted terms are displayed in the validation error.
    • Solution: If the desired term is not avaliable, please add an issue to GitHub - link here.

I do not see an option in the template?

  • Solution: If the desired term is not avaliable, please add an issue to GitHub - link here.

How do I find out more about molecular networking or library search?

please see the documentation at GNPS - link here

Emperor Plots

How do I find out more about the plotting options in Emperor?

please see the GitHub and documentation for Emperor - link here

Detailed Issues and/or Suggestions

  • Please submit any issues or suggestions via GitHub.
  • The use of the GNPS forum is encouraged.

Last update: May 20, 2020 07:31:06