Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Coronavirus Data

In the current global pandemic, we wanted make available mass spectrometry based analysis of SARS-CoV-2 and related coronavirus data. Our goal is to make analyses of these data available in machine readable and human explorable formats.

You can find analyses and data for metabolomics.

Contributing Data

To add your own data, we recommend you upload your datasets to a mass spectrometry repository. The following are great resources:

  1. MassIVE - For Proteomics/Metabolomics Data
  2. PRIDE - For Proteomics Data
  3. Metabolights - For Metabolomics Data
  4. Metabolomics Workbench - For Metabolomics Data

We highly encourage you deposit along with it sample metadata, this includes experimental design and sample conditions (e.g. case vs control). For metabolomics, we recommend the ReDU Template and please add additional columns for your particular experimental design.

Other coronavirus related datasets can be found here.

Contributing Analyses

If you would like to contribute insights on this data or new data that is not included here, please see our GitHub repository and feel free to submit a pull request that we can merge in.

We would also like to refer analyses that are complete and ready for publication, to publish the results in our public knowledgebase for coronavirus available here